Goldfingers offers non-stop entertainment and shows in the luxurious interior of a former theatre. We publish the programme and the names of the dancers each day between 7 and 8 pm. Be part of an unforgettable evening in the best strip club in Prague. We wish you a pleasant time.

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Opening hours

Sunday - Thursday
20:00 - 05:00

Friday and Saturday
20:00 – 06:00


The powerful Norse witch Völva, starring the mysterious Petra, sacrifices an innocent virgin to succeed in battle. Enjoy this mystical lesbian show full of ritual magic and transport yourself to the time of the Viking Wars.


Will doctor Majkelina Cat aka Mutter cure mentally disturbed patients? Come and watch the 5 fingers autoerotic show with original props and choreography in the best strip club in Prague. What unconventional practices will doctor Majkelina Cat use?


Majkelina Cat as Succuba. A sexual vampire and two innocent nuns. Enjoy a unique 5 fingers show and an original breathtaking story in the best strip club in Prague. Will two innocent maidens succumb to Majkelina Cat, so she can suck out all their sexual energy?


You know her name and her story, but you don't know the secret that lies behind the walls of her palace. Kneel before Queen Majkelina Cat at the best strip club in Prague. Enjoy amazing props, music and choreography that will transport you to ancient Egypt.

Majkelina Cat

Majkelina Cat is a gem that makes Goldfingers an even more unique place for adult entertainment. She is doing what she enjoys and what she sees as her mission in life. She makes the Succuba, Mutter and Kleopatra shows a truly sensual experience.

    History of Goldfingers

    The club was founded in 1997 as a loose continuation of the famous Alhambra Revue cabaret show. The Alhambra Revue was a vaudeville performance in which famous personalities of the time performed – singers, actors, dancers, musicians, acrobats, jugglers.
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