Besides the night life, we also enjoy the day life. We take part in events and activities of all kinds in the club, but also outside of it. In the club we participate in interesting talk shows or other events. Outside the club you can meet us at sports, dance or other events. We have our own base of top hostesses and ring girls who are the highlight of every event. We are also ready to put together a dance or other programme tailored to your specific requirements. Private events, birthday parties and private parties are no exception. With us, every event is a little more beautiful, glamorous and fun.

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Events in Goldfingers Prague

Combat sports events

XFN, Oktagon, I'm fighter, Heroes gate, Yangames, Night of warriors, Art of war, Box in Lucerna

Sponsorship of athletes

Karlos Terminátor Vémola, Makhmud Muradov, Atila Vegh, Ondřej Spejb Hutník, Michal Blackbeard Martínek, Petr Pilát Pilník, Adam Lacko racer, Petr Monster Kníže

Golf events

ProAm golf tour Mariánské Lázně, Lapos golf tournament, Barbora golf tournament

Talk shows at Goldfingers

Night with Legend - Rytmus, Jaromir Jagr, Kazma, Night with Terminator, Karlos show

Dance events

Sensation white Prague, Transmission Prague, Techmission Prague, Summer Madness Mecca, regular programme at Crazy Daisy

Car/moto events

Pilníkovo pozdní odpoledne, Hit road trip, Prague Harley days, Adam Lacko Racer

Other events

Dragon boats Prague, Erotic festival, Gastro networking cocktail, Majk Spirit

Filmmaking and music videos

Prvok, Tečka, Šampón a Karel, Román pro pokročilé, Vyšehrad Fylm, The Ring (IND), Polda, Kazma v práci, Prima Cool - Luděk Staněk, Ad paráda - Woobetz, Sergei Barracuda - Budem se mít fajn, Adam Mišík - Ona to ví, Rytmus - Povolanie syn, PSH - Role X, Rybičky48 a Marek Ztracený - Goodbye, Esquire Czech&Grillz (April 2021), Kazma - The movie + premiere after party, and many more

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