XXL strip show Roly Poly

Anyone who has not experienced the performance of our XXL dancers has no clue what real fun is. A funny striptease show by a lady named Roly Poly, a popular activity for bachelor parties or any other celebration, will not leave you in tears of laughter. Our Roly Poly will engage the celebrant and his friends in her show. If the celebrant was expecting a sexy stripper, then this is the right choice. You will never forget this celebration. You may not have seen anything like it before. It can be ordered anywhere - to a restaurant, club, hotel room, boat, or directly at Goldfingers.

Duration 15 minutes. Reservation required.

The package contains

  • Roly Poly show:
  • at a restaurant, at the club, in the hotel room, on the boat ...
  • at a party, a celebration, at any special occasion
  • duration 15 minutes

CZK 5,000 

This package can only be ordered on-line. Cannot be purchased directly at the club for this special price.

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