Lesbian show with two dominatrices

The show begins with the arrival of two beautiful dominatrices dressed in latex costumes, which never come empty-handed. Of course, they will have various devices, such as whips, leather belts, etc. The celebrant is allowed to become part of their show, but they must obey their commands. If he doesn't listen, he will be punished with a range of sexy devices (it is up to the celebrant whether he consents with the soft or hard option). Later, the celebrant is undressed and tied but allowed to watch a lesbian show of his two beautiful mistresses. And maybe he'll even join in on the fun?

It all depends on prior arrangements, but either way, you will have a great time. Our beautiful dominatrices are no rookies. Duration 20 minutes on the VIP table or in the champagne room. The price is for 10 people and each additional person is charged 150 CZK / 6 EUR extra. The price is per package. The show can be performed any time during the evening plus it's available outside our opening hours depending on your order. The lesbian show of two dominatrices is one of the most popular options for farewell to freedom celebrations.

The package contains

  • lesbian show of two dominatrices
  • special t-shirt with unlimited consumption of draft beer for the celebrant.
  • 1 draft beer per person

CZK 7,000 

This package can only be ordered on-line. Cannot be purchased directly at the club for this special price.

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